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About Us

Security Diligence, LLC provides consulting and advisory services in Information Security, Privacy and Risk Management with key practice areas in cybersecurity and third party risk. With experience in several industries including Financial Services and Insurance, we have a diverse background in providing strategies and solutions to improve security program value. Whether partnering with technology teams or C-level business leaders, we can provide guidance and implementation direction to help your organization reduce security risk and meet key business objectives.

Shawn H. Malone

Founder & CEO

Security Diligence, LLC is led by an industry veteran with an extensive background in Information Security, Data Protection and Third Party Risk Management.  Shawn Malone has more than 30 years of experience successfully delivering numerous programs and technology solutions in various leadership roles in the Financial Services/Insurance, Consulting and Defense industries. He holds CISSP, CTPRP and CTPRA certifications. Additional biographical information can be found here.